Episodes 19-24

Greetings Mindcast listeners, both real and potential.

This is my first post on my blog dealing with the Mindcast. First, I have good news to report: I have finished editing, uploading, and indexing Episodes 19-24. That includes the full month of January plus two weeks of February. Here are the highlights of each one:

Episode 19: There’s a funny bit of science on tracking the migration of teaspoons, plus, Evil has a scheduled appearance to try to defend Woo-suk Hwang’s fraudulent stem cell claims.

Episode 20: Karl goes to church to hear a sermon on Intelligent Design, lots of neat stuff on insects, and Intelligent Design clubs now officially allow non-christians to be club leaders. And this is NOT about religion?

Episode 21: Awesome mix of theme music + launch of New Horizons Spacecraft, two mitochondrial DNA studies on Mozart and Ashkenazi Jews.

Episode 22: Trio of controversies, Plant-based methane researchers respond to hyperbolic media claims that global warming is the fault of plants, Science retracts Hwang’s papers, and OSU faculty try to undermine peer-reviewed paper of one of their own grad students.

Episode 23: Is the widely proclaimed “smallest fish” actually the smallest? First contagious cancer discovered, and the bodies of pregnant women preferentially abort male fetuses!

Episode 24: Valentines Day Special! Nerdy science music, sex-changing sex cells, and an interview with Dr. Karen Bales on her research on two of the chemicals of looove: oxytocin and vasopressin.



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