Episode 25

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Theme = Battlestar Gallactica.

Show topics: Waste at the olympic games (excrement-powered olympic torch?) Greenland glacial melt accelerating, farmed salmon genetically distinct? Bald Eagle may leave endangered species list this year, while polar bear might be added to it, Invasive toads evolve longer legs, Ohio votes down cryptic Intelligent Design education standards known as “critical analysis of evolution.” “Disco Institute in uproar”
Rhesus macaque genome sequenced, human ancestors were knock-kneed, oldest tyrannosaur skeleton found, scans of tyrannosaur bones raise questions about its lifestyle.

Appointed NASA press aide George Deutsch resigns amidst accusations of censorship and lying on his resume, modified theory of gravity claims to do away with dark matter, Sounds of Science – lightning on Saturn, dark patches on the Moon likely from huge impact on the other side of the Moon.Menthol

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