Episode 26

Mindcast #26 is up!

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Show topics:

Pluto may have moons, huge cave and new frog species discovered, scientists grow hens teeth, seafood may have made us so smart.

American Association for the Advancement of Science convenes: denounces anti-evolution laws, highlights issues in evolution education, gives top ten list of habitable stellar systems, discusses spearheads in Americas suggest early european travelers 19,000 years ago, dragonfly flight next to be studied, and they also announce that Sacramento may be the next New Orleans.

Scientists describe highly-fertile charred soil, plant volatile research advances toward understanding flavor and nutrition, flowers poison genetically similar pollen, Followup on the OSU forest fire study controversy.

Theme = Star Trek Insurrection.

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The following are the two links that I said I would put up on the mindlog.

Making Sense of Plant Smells.

The media statement issued by Dan Donato’s team regarding the forest fire research controversy. <– A good read.


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