Episode 42

Episode 42 of the Mindcast is up!

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Show topics:

Ants count steps while walking, symbiotic fungus does not need ants to reproduce, Speed limit proposed to save Right Whales, carotenoids act as a plant sunscreen, mushrooms have powerful antioxidants, too.

Richard SayreInterview with Dr. Richard Sayre on giant genetically engineered cassava and phytoremediation.

Space Shuttle set to launch, Hubble breaks a camera, Oval BA or “Red Jr” set to pass Jupiter’s Great Red Spot on July 4, An Inconvenient Truth is coming to Davis, Gore invites himself to the White house and is turned down, scientists give Gore’s movie five out of five stars for accuracy, and NCAR finds that global warming surpassed natural cycles in fueling the 2005 hurricane season. Finally, Stephen Colbert may have been right about the mesquite powered car – Texas looks into vast stands of trees to make ethanol.

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