Episode 62

Episode 62 of the Mindcast is up!

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Climate Satellites desperately need upgrade or science could suffer by 2020, Chinese government creates hundreds of pieces of orbiting debris when they test satellite-destroying rocket, New Horizons is already approaching Jupiter – explanation of gravity assist, and higher education associated with faster post-education mental decline.

Discussion of recent water poisoning death after a local Sacramento radio show contest, interactions between water and hydrophobic surfaces provide new evidence that makes theory water-tight, new study suggests that gun ownership precedes crime, and not the other way around.

Evolutionary relationship of the world’s largest flower finally deduced with DNA study, Wollemi Pine found – a living fossil – and Karl highlights our zoocentric and anthropocentric view of evolution, two-headed lizard fossil found, ancient human skull has features that suggest interbreeding with neanderthals or it could be archaic features not yet weeded out of the population, climate scientists and religious fundamentalists unite over global warming.

Series of interviews on opposition to evolution and the year since the Dover case announced, in coming weeks.

Theme = Star Trek Insurrection by Jerry Goldsmith.

Brought to you by Chlorophyll.

Couple of goofs:

  • ~75 minutes into the show, you can hear my phone going off.
  • And right before the end, the door squeaks as the next host comes in. Where’s my can of WD-40?!

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