Episode 71

Episode 71 of the Mindcast is up!

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SOS KDRT continues – Davis City Council supports KDRT and Karl gets quoted in the paper. The first marathon ran in space, Charles Simonyi buys 13 days in space for 25 million and gets the 14th day free, meanwhile a man spends 13 days sealed in a sub powered by his own urine. Scientists assemble a “planetary danger zone” around hot stars in the Rosette Nebula, and experimental magnetic shields compared to shields on the Enterprise. The most comprehensive study of abstinence-only “education” finds it has no effect on abstinence, and for those looking to avoid West Nile Virus – electronic mosquito “repellants” also do not work at all.

Douglas EverettGuest is Doug Everett from Radio Parallax, and we talked about everything from pseudoscience, to a local butterfly professor, Ediacarans, and Colony Collapse Disorder.

Theme = 2001 a Space Odyssey by various artists.

Also, if you want to hear my reciprocal interview on Doug’s show, here it is. (list of shows)

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