Madison Meetup and FFRF

I’m going to the Freedom From Religion Foundation convention this weekend, which is being held here in Madison. The Freedom From Religion Foundation is based in Madison, and some of the speakers at this weekend’s event include Christopher Hitchens, and Julia Sweeney. I’ve never been to one of these, so I wonder what it will be like?

Of course, since PZ Myers is a short, uh, 6 or 7 hours’ drive away, he’ll be attending the convention and meeting up with his readers, and participants of the Internet Infidels Discussion Board. (IIDB) From PZ’s post:

As I mentioned earlier, I’m going to be in Madison this weekend for the Freedom from Religion Foundation convention. A bunch of IIDBers are also attending, and they’ve suggested a meetup over lunch (12-2) on Saturday, the 13th, at an Irish pub called Brocach. That sounds good to me — a meeting of the IIDB and the Pharynguloid sects of the Atheism cult, over beer.

It appears that several people from Madison will be going, so this will be a good chance to meet them and maybe make a few local friends. (I was just thinking last week, there’s got to be a club or organization with interests in common with my own to meet people.) Maybe some might want to help out with the Madison Wiki. Anyhow, Ariela and I will be there, from 12-2 Saturday at the Brocach Irish Pub. (Madison Wiki Page)

It will also be a good chance to have that beer with PZ, since I had to duck out at the end of the Speaking Science 2.0 debate and couldn’t go to the cafe with the panelists and audience members. My review of that is coming tonight, by the way. Check back!

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