100,000 Mindcast Downloads!

I’m happy to report that this weekend, my podcast has just topped 100,000 downloads since its inception! Fantastic!

What is also very interesting to note is that 20,000 of those downloads came after I stopped posting new shows. That means to me that there’s some staying power there, if only I can get the show going again.


This brings me to my next piece of news: In January, the Mindcast will begin anew – whether or not I get a spot on a new local channel (shh!) I will be recording and posting new episodes of my show, now that I’m settled into my new climate. There’s one last show to post from May, which should be perfect to usher in the return of The Inoculated Mind to your computer speakers, iPod mix, and let’s not forget, I’ll also be returning to the nightmares of the anti-scientists out there. With the coming of 2008, I’ll be sure to have some great science to report, some thought to provoke, and some mental antibodies to inoculate everyone with in the continual battle against pathogenic thoughts.

With new episodes, I’ll also have a new podcast banner image, a modified format, and the possibility of having the show available in a form that radio stations can subscribe to. Although I haven’t talked to Jeff at KDRT in Davis yet, it should be possible for my show to continue back where it started, in addition to here!
More updates are to come as I get closer to the second week of January. I’m not pinning down an exact date yet, but I’m thinking it will be between January 15 and 22. Until then, my friends, keep your minds open.

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Karl Haro von Mogel

Karl Haro von Mogel serves as BFI’s Director of Science and Media and as Co-Executive Editor of the Biofortified Blog. He has a PhD in Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics from UW-Madison with a minor in Life Sciences Communication. He is currently a Postdoctoral Scholar researching citrus genetics at UC Riverside.

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