Happy Birthday to me!

I’m going to miss being a square, but at least I’m not a cube, yet. That’s right, today I turned 26 years old – the last time my mathematician-sister tells me, I’ll be between a square and a cube (25 and 27 of course). 2 times my lucky* number, 26 is looking to be one of my most interesting years yet. I’m chugging along in my research, going back for my second semester of grad school, and getting my show going again.
Oh yeah, and this year Ariela and I are supposed to find a house (going to be in Madison for 5 years, why not pay rent to ourselves?), get half a dozen bee colonies, and more. 26 ain’t so bad, it’s right on the cusp between one life and another.

NOTE: I’m posting this from a coffee shop which is my only sporadic internet access – posts will be infrequent until I get back to Madison.


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