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There’s a new blog I’d like everyone to check out, the first few posts are really good. Homeopathy, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), Plants versus Pharmaceuticals. There are many problems with medicine, you see, many things we don’t yet know how to treat, or what is the underlying cause, but there are also countless problems with how some people view medicine. As something to replace with a vacuous would-be infallible philosophy (Homeopathy). As something that needs additions that aren’t backed up by evidence, and rely on mere “belief” to promote themselves. (CAM) Or what about how people often hold up plants and put down pharmaceuticals, when many pharmaceuticals come from plants, but have been purified, studied, and have been shown to help in fighting disease or alleviating suffering.

There are only two kinds of medicines. Those that work and those that don’t. Science is the way to discovering those things that work, and knowing how they work. And this new blog, written by several MDs, looks to be a great way to find out those crucial details about a field that is crucial to survival, and has some very culturally intriguing issues. Check out Science Based Medicine.

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