Monday Madness: In two days’ time

This week, for Monday Madness, the dumbest, most inane thing I came across in the last week was uttered right here on this blog. By me. “In two days’ time…” Get ready for a short and sweet Monday Madness.


It was the Tangled Bank #97, hosted right here, and rather than include any posts of my own, I decided to make an announcement. I announced that I was going to upload the last radio show I did in Davis, which I have mentioned before, was a colossal technical flop, ironically the most-planned show I ever did.

The recording of the discussion between Ken Miller and PZ Myers was very hard to make out, and with careful tweaking and sensory-deprivation-supported listening I have been able to tease out and add a voice-over so people know what PZ was saying when the recording cut out, most of the time. It turns out that Ken’s hotel phone overpowered PZ’s phone, in tandem with my own computer quaking at recording a dual-skype interview with my own microphone added, it was just too much. Pre-interview tests went fine, but nothing tests like the real thing. I was unable to enhance PZ’s volume during the interview because the conference call through Skype had only onevolume control – the combined volume.

Add this to the strange fact that while recording this conversation, the program recorded over a short interview (from the previous day) with my then-future adviser Shawn Kaeppler – something that is just plain bizarre. If there’s a Track 1, it makes a Track 2. Except then.

Then, there were a few surprises in the show for unwitting guests, one of which didn’t work at all, and we had a hysterical laugh over it at the end of the show. But with all of this, there was one redeeming surprise that made the show not a flop, but instead a complete and sweeping success. I’ve kept it under wraps to make it a surprise for the listeners, so they can share in the suspense, and I’ll keep it that way until tomorrow. Which leads me to the Madness.

“In two days’ time.” Yeah right, Karl. You can’t effectively perform open-heart surgery on a show and perform audio transplants on multiple inter-connective arguments and conversation and have it done quickly. Audio recordings were already done, but getting it to flow like a conversation and still be salvageable as a discussion that people would want to listen to – in two days?

Excuse me.


That’s the biggest piece of Madness that I read all week. Straight from me to you! So there, you see even the destroyers of madness in this world can themselves be dish-ers of madness. Now, get ready for Episode 74: Return of the Klone. Coming to you TONIGHT, (Update: Problem with uploading, Look for it Tuesday. I must be trying to build suspense or something…) complete with a movie-poster to go with it. For now, the teaser poster:

Enjoy your Monday. And thanks for reading. And sticking with me through my Madness.

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