Neil Shubin talk from Saturday

Yesterday, UW-Madison had its Darwin Day 2008 celebration, and the keynote speaker was Neil Shubin, co-discoverer of Tiktaalik roseae, the Darwin Fish itself. I recorded his talk so everyone can enjoy it.

Listen to Neil Shubin on Darwin Day.

This, of course, has been added to my new podcast feed, Mindcast Extras. This feed has been submitted to iTunes, but given how long it takes the iTunes folks to update everything, I couldn’t say when it is going to show up. So if you want to subscribe to this new feed in iTunes, just enter this URL into your “Subscribe to Podcast” window, under the “Advanced” menu tab:

There are two items on the feed right now, the other is a recording of the Framing debate in Minneapolis from last September, which I never got around to posting, or writing about. I’ll be posting interesting lectures, extended interviews, and special commentaries and ruminations that don’t fit under the format of the Mindcast, which is especially important now that I’m going to magazine-ize it for the possibility of multiple radio stations airing it.

Lastly, I’m happy to report that for the next episode of the Mindcast, Episode 76, I will have Neil Shubin, whose recent book is titled Your Inner Fish, on for an interview! Coincidentally, the show will go online on February 12th, which is Darwin Day! Stay tuned…


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