Monday Madness: My first crackpot!

Dear readers, on this day, the 7th of March 2008, I, Karl J. Mogel have received my first crackpot email. Yes! In an email titled: Inoculated Mind vis a vis  True freedom of inquiry vs. the politically enforced reductionism of scientific materialism, I was treated to a series of links. Were they links to pure wisdom? Links to new items from my favorite Ebay sellers? Links to great deals on penis-enlargement pills? No, they weer links to pure, unalloyed, crackpottery. Let’s take a look, shall we? It’s time for some Monday Madness!


Here’s the email, in its entirety:

Dear Karl, My name is John ***** from Melbourne Australia.

Please find a site which discusses the bias’ and limitations of the ideology of scientism.

Plus related references.

1.   on the myth of “matter”

2.   On the Illusion of Separation of Church & State

3.   The Bright Reality Beyond/Prior To Point of View.

4.   Adi Da’s Divine Image Art   

5.  Not Two Is Peace                                           John *****

Only the name has been censored to protect the credulous.

Take a look at the first link, and you’ll find this gem:

There is a difference between scientific materialism and science as a discipline. Science as a discipline is a form of free enquiry that is not supposed to predetermine results or superimpose a point of view on reality apart from the investigation of reality.

Scientific materialism, however, is a philosophy. It is not science, although it tends to be associated with the scientific movement. It is an ancient philosophy, the philosophy of materialism. It is a reductionist philosophy. It reduces reality to what is called “materiality”, and it wants to base all notions of reality on that philosophical presumption.

Warning: CRACKPOTYes, because demanding that evidence support accepted facts is really getting in the way of what we want to believe! It’s that nasty reductionism – it’s making us immoral, fat, and blind to the reality around us. Notice the introduction of fancy new terms without explaining what the heck they mean! Or even the really real terms that are used.Does this person know what reductionism is?

Then, if you’ll go to the next link, there’s some more of the good stuff.

Between the naive experience of “matter” and the Most Ultimate (or Most Perfect) Realization of Inherently Indivisible (or Non-Separate, and Inseparable) Oneness with Inherently Indivisible Light Itself, there is an experiential progress of perceptions and patterns-from the gross dimension, to the subtle dimension, to the root-causal dimension, and, Beyond them all, to What Is Ultimate (or Always Already The Case-One, Only, and Indestructible). There are many potential levels of presumption, perception, experience, and so on, that may be uncovered previous to Most Perfect Realization of the Ultimate Reality Itself (or Inherently Indivisible Light Itself, Which Is Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Consciousness Itself). Nevertheless, “matter” Is (if Most Perfectly Recognized) Inherently Indivisible Light (Itself). In other words, “this” (body, mind, and world), just as it is appearing,-can be Divinely Recognized (As it Is) to be a transparent (or merely apparent), and unnecessary, and inherently non-binding modification of Inherently Indivisible Conscious Light. Therefore, if the ego-“I” itself is transcended (every here and now), it is not necessary to go “elsewhere”, to some other (or “higher”, or subtler) realm or domain, in order to Realize Reality Itself.

Egads! Look at all those parentheses! And the hyphens are popping up everywhere! Wait, where are my multicolored fonts, bold-type, and italics? Well, they did capitalize things unnecessarily.

Next link, Adi Da addresses the evolution of religious belief in secular societies…

Wherever conventional “cultic”, or “old-style”, religions are permitted to survive in secular societies, they are able to survive only by adapting to the new social and political idealism and the new knowledge. Thus, “cultic” religion has become more and more a merely poetic restatement of “humanistic” psychological interpretations of mankind. And the “mysteries” of religion have become merely prescientific allegories for natural events that have now become banal truisms, or “closed cases” in the continuing “detective story” of science. Certain “fundamentalist” religious beliefs remain at the less sophisticated levels of popular society, but such religious beliefs are generally regarded as a kind of harmless and ridiculous intoxication that has no real significance in the daily world of sober social effort.

Whoa, that was almost insightful…

Then you read stuff from the next link on point of view:

In My use of the camera, I work to make images that go beyond, and even undermine, the conventions of “point of view.” Such images transcend the limitation that would seem to be inherent in the photographic mechanism (or “point-of-view machine”). They allow the viewer to see and feel the “room” – or the world, or reality – as it is, beyond the ego’s self-reference. And such images thereby become a non-verbal means of “picturing” the essential human process of ego-transcendence – going beyond the fixed “point of view” of the ego, or the core presumption of separateness.Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Um, I’m not sure how to tell you this, but, A CAMERA HAS ONE POINT OF VIEW BECAUSE ALL LIGHT PASSES THROUGH A LENS!! This is no philosophy about the world, this is the writing of someone who kept getting blurry images and decided to get a religion.

And apprently, Adi Da Samraj couldn’t get a Magic Eye to work, either. Wait, is this just an ad for someone’s artwork?

Who is, Adi Da, and why is (s)he calling her/himself an Avatar?


Adi Da was born in New York, in 1939. The author of over sixty books, he has lived in Fiji since 1983 and is a Fijian citizen.

Throughout his early childhood, Adi Da enjoyed a state of extraordinary spiritual illumination. (Went through Puberty) At a very early point in his life, he intentionally relinquished this state, in order learn the cause of human suffering and the way to go beyond it.

(Hated his parents and followed a life of crime. Reformed in jail after being convinced that his pin-up poster was going to eat him.)

Later, as a young man, Adi Da immersed himself in the traditions of human wisdom and spirituality. (Developed a drinking problem) His Western studies included university degrees — in philosophy from Columbia, and in literature from Stanford. (Got an Associates in Communication from Chico) Following his university years, he intensively engaged both Western and Eastern forms of spiritual practice.

(I don’t know about you, but those Western spiritual practices tell you you’re going to hell if you practice any Eastern ones. Just sayin’…)

Eventually, at the age of thirty (after a final period of intense spiritual endeavor), (Hey, um does this guy do anything but intense spiritual stuff and then write? How does he eat?) Adi Da was re-established in the freedom of the illumined (That should not be a word) condition he had known in his earliest life. After that, he began to offer formal instruction in spiritual practice to those who came to him — creating (over the course of several decades) what is now an unprecedented body of spiritual, philosophical, and practical writings (, (Ok, enough links for you) as well as his literary masterwork (the Orpheus trilogy), and an immense body of visual art. In 2007, his artwork was shown as a collateral exhibition at the 52nd Venice Biennale ( (Buy my art and be enlightened!) Adi Da has also “curated” a library of the world’s greatest practical, philosophical, religious, and spiritual wisdom, and his annotated bibliography of this collection (currently running to over 8,000 books, videotapes, DVDs, and CDs) is entitled The Basket of Tolerance. (Wins the award for Most Undescriptive Book Title Ever.)

(Videotapes, DVDs, and CDs don’t exist, you know. They’re made of that human-perception called “matter,” and are based on that philosophical paradigm known as scientific reductionism. Don’t trust CDs!)

Adi Da is not political in any ordinary sense of the word. Rather, his address to humanity and the process of civilization comes from his lifelong intention of communicating the truth of existence — uncovering both the essential driving forces of limitation and suffering and the means to go beyond those forces.

By of course, buying his art. A failed Shutterbug turned Avatar, Adi Da is ready to bring about world peace and end human suffering with art that belongs in an awkward early-nineties Nintendo game.

*sniff* I can’t believe it! My first crackpot email. I mean, I’ve gotten emails from people who were wrong, mistaken, or just plain nuts, but no crackpots! I will treasure this moment. I would like to thank my mother and father for believing in me, and for Ariela for always reassuring me that I have the power to attract weirdos. I would also like to thank my professors, mentors, and everyone who has ever linked to my blog. Your link farming has brought the crazies to me, and now I am ensured a steady supply of Madness. Thanks for reading, and Enjoy your Monday!

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