Pollination Methods – Corn

As I have mentioned on this blog before, in addition to my research on locating a gene in sweet corn, I’m making some educational videos on plant breeding. Well, now I’m proud to be able to show you the first in a whole series of them that I’m putting together. With help from my adviser, two film dudes at the Instructional Media Development Center at UW-Madison, and big bags of doubloons from the USDA. Over the past week, I’ve been updating the Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics Program website, and now it has full video functionality. So armed with the plant breeding website powered by a wordpress platform, I give you the how-to on making controlled pollinations with Zea mays – How to breed corn.

You could actually do this in your own backyard using this system, or if you’re running a breeding company or academic lab and need to train employees on how to do this in the field – here’s what you need to succeed with your breeds.

Video below the fold.

When I am finished updating the PBPG website, a larger version of the video will play over there. You can download this video in large and small WMV files, and large and small mp4 files, which play in Quicktime and on iPods. Yes, if you have an iPod, you can actually take this video out with you in the field to refer to should you ever forget what to do at any point.

It’s not just about learning how to breed plants – just by watching the video you’ll learn a thing or two about the genetics of each of the species we are covering. Check out Pollination Methods – Corn for more information and downloads. Also check out the parent page on the video project to see what else we have coming later this year, and you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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Karl Haro von Mogel serves as BFI’s Director of Science and Media and as Co-Executive Editor of the Biofortified Blog. He has a PhD in Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics from UW-Madison with a minor in Life Sciences Communication. He is currently a Postdoctoral Scholar researching citrus genetics at UC Riverside.

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