Large Hadron Collider goes online

Today marks the day that the Large Hadron Collider has finally switched on and is running its first tests. Sending subatomic particles around in circles to smash them into one another, ah, the exciting life of physicists! They are looking to test String Theory, settle a $100 bet between physicists, oh yeah, and look into the nature of the Universe immediately after the Big Bang. Heavy stuff.

But, some people didn’t want it to happen. First, you have the people who bring up the cost of the project. Then you have the people that thought that the Collider must be stopped because its going to gobble up the Earth by making a black hole. Now, I read, someone else has chimed in and believes that these particle physicists must be stopped because…. They’re rapping about it. Ok, so they were being tongue-in-cheek. I happen to like it. If you haven’t yet seen the Large Hadron Rap, here you go.

I like it. A good combination of fun, education, and not too campy to scare everyone away. After all, over 2 million people have watched it so far!

Find out more about the LHC at the CERN website, I’ll be sure to talk some more about it as it gets closer to the first experimental date, October 21!

And I love the Google image, making fun of the black hole claims.

Google's LHC image


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