Corn Breeding

The next in my Award-Winning series of plant breeding videos is up at the UW-Madison Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics program website. This is the first in a series of videos interviewing plant breeders about what they do and what they like about it. The first breeder up for public scrutiny is professor Bill Tracy, here at UW-Madison, who is also the other PI on the project besides my adviser Shawn. We filmed it last summer out in the field, and vetted it at the Maize Genetics conference.

The tasting process that goes into breeding sweet corn is pretty fun, especially when you get the gross ones. Yes, folks, Nature doesn’t provide that delicious ear of corn – the corn breeder does.

I also hear that Bill Tracy is getting close to a cultivar release, so perhaps in the next year or so his efforts will come to fruition. (again!) Without any further ado, here’s the first Fields of Study video:

For a higher resolution, go here.

More to come.

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