Watching the Inauguration

Yep today’s productivity virus is the inauguration of President Barack Obama! Well, it won’t stop me from getting some work done – I’ve got a gel running downstairs!

Watch it live on Hulu.

I’m counting down the minutes until Bush is officially powerless.

10:40 Central Time I believe they gave his middle initial when announcing his name.

10:50: Is that Rick Warren, then? Ugh. Hey he said we’re not united by religion! Points for him for sticking it to the revisionists.

I guess I’m liveblogging it!

10:59: Joe Biden has been sworn in!

11:00: They’ve got an all-star classical music team, right down to composer John Williams.

11:06 President Obama!

11:08: Speech! Speech!

11:15: Restoring science to it’s RIGHTFUL PLACE! He also gave a clear plug for biofuels, mentioning soil, it was clearly plant-based. Well, duh.

11:17 “We reject as false the choice between our safety and ideals.”

11:20: We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and Nonbelievers.

11:28: All done with Obama’s speech. Um, can the “news” guys shut up and let the poet read her poem?

(This is interesting, watching the afterwards footage, Dick Cheney is in a wheelchair. Didn’t know his health was that bad. Hard to feel sorry for him, though. I sincerely hope he lives long enough to see how he will be written in the history books.)

Correction: Cheney reportedly pulled his back while moving his stuff.

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  1. I watched President Obama’s address live on TV. Kudos to him for mentioning that science will be restored to its rightful place, and that non-believers are a part of this nation.

    BTW, it was reported in the run-up to the swearing-in ceremony that Cheney had pulled a muscle in his back while helping to move out his personal effects.


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