Happy Paul Nelson Day!

Five years, oh where has the time gone? Five years ago today, a creationist promised the science blogging community that he would explain a fancy new term that he came up with. Supposed to be a measurement of the degree of development of an organism, “Ontogenetic Depth” interested PZ Myers because he himself studies developmental biology. But the creationist never explained what it was, how it was calculated, and why the most developmentally well-characterized metazoan model species, C. elegans, had an OD of ‘somewhere between 7 and 9.’

That creationist’s name is Paul Nelson. Five years ago today he made a promise, that he would post a paper explaining in full how Ontogenetic Depth works, now it is calculated, and some examples of its successful use, complete with a musical intro. He said he would post his paper ‘tomorrow,’ five years ago today. Since his promise, there has been absolutely no word from him explaining this newfangled concept, his evidence-free ‘proof’ that evolution could not have happened. He has talked about it plenty, but never defined it.

We like to remember this day to count the passage of time.

Yet another year when the “imminent” and long-predicted utter collapse of evolution has failed to occur.

Who knows, maybe we will get our answer tomorrow? Anything could happen, I can hardly zzzzz……

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Karl Haro von Mogel

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