We wantz too be edyoukators two!

(via Pharyngula and The Thumb) The Institute for Creation Research, which was denied its request to be an accredited degree-granting institution, has decided to sue the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board! It’s 67-page complaint “reads kind of like stereo instructions.” Not only are they suing the members of the board institutionally, but also individually, at their homes. The first couple pages of the complaint are grand, you should check it out, but in case you were thinking to read all 67 pages – there’s a lot of mindless crap in it and your time is better spent searching for lint in your belly button.

They are suing for viewpoint discrimination, religious discrimination, a violation of their first amendment rights, and even violations of interstate commerce! I didn’t know they had a traveling road show – I ought to see it sometime.

Here’s my favorite part of the complaint:

WOW – they sure got that science thing figured out! Apparently all we do to make something “empirical science” is emit it from our oral cavities! As “Scientists” (in quotes – like they don’t believe that scientists exist) we are illegally disfavoring incorrect conclusions. Like when homeopathics complain about “doctors” saying that their “alternative medicines” “don’t work.” Then I shall smite thee!

Later on, the complaint delves into bizarre thought-experiments – would the gov’ment be able to stop a black college from teaching racist “Black History” that de-emphasized “white” contributions as “American History?” If they were teaching falsehoods, like that Martin Luther King Jr. came from the moon Io orbiting Jupiter, and lives on as the ghost of an invisible pink unicorn, then yes. Creationists aren’t ‘de-emphasizing’ evolution – they are flat out lying about the evidence for it. And next time, ICR, try not to suggest that black identity in this country “a matter of creaturely gratitude.” (emphasis mine) Sure it was a thought experiment and I know where the allusion comes from, but seriously that’s what you came up with?

And their favorite catch-phrase which they call everything scientific that they disagree with: “science falsely so-called” is a perfect description of themselves. This suit will get thrown out, guaranteed, for the simple fact that while science emits “from the oral cavities of “scientists””, the ICR is speaking through its rectum. Par for the ICR course.

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  1. Odd that they should call a scientific discussion of the origin of life “observation-free” when experiments have been going on since at least the 1930s, ancient sedimentary rocks are being combed for chemical traces of organic compounds, telescopes are scanning distant nebulae to find what atoms are forming in interstellar gas clouds, and artificial cell membranes are all the rage in some laboratories. What, exactly, do they want?


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