Whither now, my blog?

Hey, there’s a blog here. Oh yeah…

If you are coming here and see this at the top of my blog, then this is to inform you that this is not a very active blog. Heck, I have not posted anything of consequence in here for over a year! What has happened? Well, as I have been knee-deep in grad school stuff, I have also been blogging pretty regularly at Biofortified, and hosting my radio show again. Consequently, my urge to talk about science in all its various forms, especially for plant genetics, has been satisfied by these outlets. Discussions at Biofortified have been getting stronger and stronger, and although I haven’t posted any show recordings recently at Inoculated Media, it’s been nonstop fun being on the radio again. Bees have been buzzing in the field, and Basement renovations a-building at home. Time has become a bit of a scarce resource in recent times for me. This post is just to fill everyone in on what is going on here and elsewhere, and what my plans for this space are. (should you come a-knocking)

The blog itself, although it has endured many years of posts and podcasts and theme tweaks, is horribly out-of-date. The version of wordpress is still stuck in the 2.5 era, and on some of the archive pages the layout gets screwed up. So sometime this spring I shall clean it up and beef up the underlying system. Then, I shall import my previous posts from Biofortified.org with a special tagline mentioning that they are being archived on this blog as an online portfolio. New posts as they come out will be automatically syndicated over here. Since I have moved my science podcast show to Inoculated Media, I will also set up a similar system to allow archiving of what is going on over there. That site needs a little work, in fact, I have a great idea on how to combine some of the new things that I have learned about websites and php coding and all that to make it a much better functioning podcast and-other-media site. This will probably be done before I update this site. One of the reasons why I have not bothered to update the code and theme of this blog is that my coding priorities have focused on improving the functionality of Biofortified. I built and/or integrated several nifty systems over there, and when I was finished with each stage, the last thing I wanted to do was spend more time tweaking a blog I was not using. However, what I have learned in this process will help me make things run more smoothly over here.

As my primary blogging about plant genetics and my podcasting will be done on different sites and merely archived here, I will work to make this a more ‘personal’ science blog. Fewer objects on the blog header and sidebar that don’t have to do with me directly and I think I will scrap the raindrop style for good. I still have my old California Aggie columns to put up in their own special place, and a few more odds and ends as well. (few of these columns are still available elsewhere on the internet. I’ll keep the picture of my brain, but probably put something bigger of me on the sidebar.

So in sum, that’s what is going on, and will likely happen with this space. Getting things the way I would like to see them will take time, and I don’t expect much progress until late Spring or early Summer this year. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you take the time to check out what I’m doing on my other sites in the meantime!


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Karl Haro von Mogel

Karl Haro von Mogel serves as BFI’s Director of Science and Media and as Co-Executive Editor of the Biofortified Blog. He has a PhD in Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics from UW-Madison with a minor in Life Sciences Communication. He is currently a Postdoctoral Scholar researching citrus genetics at UC Riverside.