200,000 wish Darwin HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Today is the 200th Birthday of one Charles Darwin, Huzzah! It also marks 150 years since he published On the Origin of Species.

Well the internet community has got something really special in mind for ol’ Chuck: A pile of us joined a facebook group to spread the word about his Birthday. The goal was to have 200,000 members by tomorrow. Err, today. It’s 2 am here in Madison, and the membership count just passed 200,000. 200,030 to be exact:

There’s still time to join in on the big party! Go here to join the Facebook group.

You know, I sometimes get really annoyed at facebook. All those little applications that want a piece of your data, and spread from one person to another. Ghosts from the past trying to contact you, all sorts of weirdness. BUT, I have noticed that science bloggers have been using Facebook for some killer networking. I guess it’s not all bad.

Now the count is at 200,159. Send it to the roof!


Interesting 24 hours

I’m late in posting the latest Mindcast – it’s been an interesting 24 hours. No, nothing humongous or shocking happened, but let me explain. Last night, I decided to take a brief nap at 7:30 before recording the show. Then, the next thing I know, it’s midnight, and I feel paralyzed below the clavicle, so it’s back to sleep I go. Then I woke up really early, and got a bunch of work done before class, had a great couple classes, and worked on a poster in preparation for a big event for next week. (post about that to come.) Finally, I find myself at home, waiting on the fish in the oven, before I set about putting together episode 77.

Maybe I just needed all that sleep, but it sure made me feel good and really made this day work out great.

I learned a few new things, too. Apparently it’s a hoot to travel the world in search of carrot and garlic germplasm, and carrots today have about 3 times as much carotene as they did 40 years ago. All thanks to plant breeders!

In the meantime, have a look at Tangled Bank #99!

Update 2/21: I am swamped with stats homework, and preparations for a trip to a conference, so I’ve taken the week off from doing the show. Episode 77 should be done and posted Tuesday the 26th, before I go to Washington D-

I’ve said too much.

Tangled Bank 97: The Frozen Bank

It is interesting to contemplate a frozen bank, clothed with ice of many kinds, with birds not singing on the bushes, with various insects nowhere to be seen, and with worms crawling under the earth, and to reflect that these elaborately constructed forms, so different from each other, and dependent upon each other in so complex a manner, have… aw hell, it’s fricken freezing and there’s nothing but ice, snow, and cold air on the banks of Madison, Wisconsin. What am I to do to keep warm? Thankfully, a whole host of science bloggers sent me their best posts from the last few weeks – let’s see if we can warm up together in this cold northern weather to the 97th edition of the Tangled Bank. Continue reading Tangled Bank 97: The Frozen Bank

Tangled Bank is coming to town

The latest issue of the Tangled Bank is up at Aardvarchaeology – Tangled Bank 96: Toadally. Check it out.

And then get prepared for the next issue of The Tangled Bank blog carnival right here at The Inoculated Mind. Send your submissions to karl AT inoculatedmind DOT com. It will be published on January 23. I’ve just got to think of one of my signature blog carnival original ideas. Like the last time I hosted the Tangled Bank. (Hmmm, that yellow text doesn’t work on the new white background of my blog theme. I’ll have to do something about that.) Or the podcast edition of the Skeptic’s Circle I did. Hmmm….

Mendel’s Garden #21: Old DNA never dies…

imgWelcome to the 21st edition of Mendel’s Garden, here at The Inoculated Mind. Genetics-related blog posts were submitted from around the blogosphere during the month of November, and here you will find the best of them for your reading enjoyment this December, 2007. It seemed that although the topics were mixed, as they always are, there was a general theme to this month’s submissions. Old DNA never dies. Continue reading Mendel’s Garden #21: Old DNA never dies…

Mendel’s Garden coming up!

It’s been about a year and four months, and Mendel’s Garden is back at The Inoculated Mind for another go. If you’ve read a great post about genetics in the past month, or written one, send it along and I will consider adding it to the #1 genetics blog carnival! (OK, so I’m posturing.)

I plan to write the December Mendel’s Garden this coming Sunday so it will be ready to read Monday morning afternoon. So if you are looking to submit, you’ll need to send me an email by friday (the 7th) at the latest! Send all submissions to karl AT inoculatedmind DOT com.

And check back!

Monday Madness: People search the darndest things

Matt at the Behavioral Ecology Blog asks the question, who hath the worst sicko reader? Picking through the search terms people have used to find his site, he challenges everyone to find the nuttiest, sickest, craziest search terms people have used to find their site. PZ recuses himself from the contest, (for good reason) merely pointing out how many people search for his site with his name spelled wrong. (I’m surprised that he didn’t complain about people spelling “Pharyngua” wrong!)(Ariela later points out the irony that I spelled “Pharyngula” wrong..!) Coturnix has posted a couple funnies worth reading.I’ve done this before, and sometimes it is awfully fun to see what people search for when they find your site. My web host provides me a way to search it month by month, so here’s my best from the past few months. Continue reading Monday Madness: People search the darndest things