Change in Nomenclature!

Ariela and I went down to the Municipal Fortress of Justice (courthouse) this morning, and met with a judge. Why, might you ask? To get our names changed of course! Armed with our birth certificates, proof of publication affidavit, and a little coffee, we have officially, legally become Karl & Ariela Haro von Mogel. Continue reading Change in Nomenclature!

Uncredible update

My friend Chris Hallquist has recently moved his blog The Uncredible Hallq from blogspot to his new home at He is another inductee into the ranks of WordPress users, in fact, I helped him get his system up and running a couple weeks ago. Now he’s got a killer ANSII theme that makes you think that you’re reading something on an old IBM 286 computer. But it’s got all the advanced functionality that WordPress has.

If you blog, and don’t use wordpress, you don’t know what you’re missing! There’s nothing like having a free, ever-updated, and uber-customizable program that runs on your web server and keeps everything running smoothly. Heck, even my graduate school program had its website built using wordpress. In other news, I just got drafted into maintaining and updating it.

The Uncredible Hallq also has a new series of posts that might interest you, Sunday Science. Sleep in, get your science, and enjoy your Sundays over there. His first two Sunday Science posts are about Botox (the chemical of the week for Mindcast Episode 20 [page]) and Cannibinoids. All the essentials!


Hoo boy. I am tired. I’ve had a busy busy month! First, if you recall, I upgraded my hosting account to a virtual server, which was supposed to be moved overnight. We all know how that turned out. Two weeks later, the blog is finally transferred over, and my email works again. Meanwhile, I had a midterm, a term paper, and a take-home midterm. Plus I’ve been sending off samples of amplified DNA to be sequenced so I can work on pinning down my gene. Oh yeah, I got bees, and am planning a wedding!

This week, Ariela and I were making our wedding invitations, and we finished them last night and sent them off by mail today. Just in time to beat the price increase at the post office so we could still use the American Scientist stamps! Right in the middle of all this, on Wednesday, my website shuts down. Again.

At first, I thought it was an issue with server settings. Didn’t seem to be. Then I thought I needed to upgrade my version of wordpress. Only the .php files in the website weren’t working; html placeholder pages, pictures, xml feeds, those were still there. Yup, must be the wordpress, perhaps a compatibility issue with the new server digs. I soon found out that I couldn’t edit my folders on the server – because they were under the control of some other username, not my own, from the transfer. Luckily, that was quickly addressed by Startlogic, luckily for them I should say. Still, no avail, every php file came up blank and useless. Today they tested a separate php file and it worked on its own, and suggested that I reinstall wordpress from scratch.


That’s what I told the tech support person who was helping me.

Later today, I got a call that our garden plot could be roto-tilled for us if we got ourselves out to the garden, so I finished up planning out my new molecular marker, and took off to get this new time draw underway. Yep, gotta love gardening. Actually, it should be way better than Davis – it rains all summer here in Madison! I can almost forget about it at times. Tilled to shreds, with the help of some fossil fuels, our organic garden plot needed mulch, which took up the next hour.

After dinner, I set myself to the task of finally fixing this everlasting website problem. I deleted all m wordpress files, created a new MySQL database for a new installation of the latest version of wordpress, and uploaded it to be installed. A few short moments later (Their famous 5-minute install is an exaggeration) I was back in business. With an empty blog.

All of my 360+ posts, all the comments, categories, registered users, drafts, pages, settings, blogroll, were sitting in the old database file on the server. Any attempt to link the new wordpress installation to the old database was met with the now-familiar-to-me White Screen of Doom, and I needed a special export of my database made by a functional wordpress installation to import it into the new one! Any attempt to import the old database into the new one was met with insurmountable error messages. A conundrum. Page after page of wordpress support forum topics and questions provided no answer, until I happened upon this page.

It presented a simple plan. Export each table from your old database into a zipped text file, delete the corresponding table from the new, empty database, and import each table one by one. At less than ten tables to export, I thought I would just try one for starters. An export of my “posts” table, a deletion, and an import later and BOOM. Posts restored to the blog instantly. Not ten minutes later I had everything back in, and I proceeded to set up my plugins. Everything except for the video plugin is working again, my theme is back up, I can write posts, and I already had 25 spam comments for me to delete, left over from before the big crash!

Wow, I crunched some sequence data and made something useful out of it. I learned all about MySQL today. I chased down my last (hopefully) server demon and fixed my site again. I [we] got our plot tilled and covered in mulch. I made Lasagna. I’m tired.

Really tired. The last month has been a blur for me, and now that it seems all this craziness is over, there’s still more. We’ve got to fly to California tomorrow to see a fading grandmother who will receive an invitation to a wedding she may not make it to.

Then, next week comes my finals! Yay…

As you can see, I’ve been a little too busy to make new episodes, but that will soon change in the following week.

Hey, this is life, isn’t it, a mixture of boredom, intrigue, work, hobbies, rest, life, death, and bees?

I think its time for me to go to bed. Stay tuned for some news on Saturday.

Bloggers moving around

I was wondering why Abbie Smith’s blog, Endogenous Retrovirus, had no new posts for a week. Her blog went down, and she decided to abandon blogspot for something better. That’s right, you can now find her in her new home on

Also, T. Ryan Gregory’s blog, Genomicron, has also just moved to a new home, at

Take a moment to check out their new blog homes, and congratulate them for leaving the restrictive (although free) blogspot system. My blogroll links on the right have been updated.

As you may know, I moved too, but you don’t have to change anything!


Hello everyone, it’s great to be back.

Previously, I mentioned that my website was getting transferred to a new system, and that I would be able to do a lot more with the site, bigger capacity, host more domains, etc. Well, the transfer didn’t happen, and after a week, all of our sites went down as our old accounts were closed.

And our emails were inoperative.

And people were unable to download my podcast.

And every time I called them, I was told that someone would be working on it and have it done in a couple days. A couple days later I got the same story. After repeated calls to Startlogic, I finally got someone to move their butt on Tuesday and start moving things from my old accounts to my new one. Then, bit by bit, things moved over during the last couple days, amidst frequent status update calls from me.

Needless to say, I’ve been pissed off. It was so easy for them to charge me extra money for this new service, and yet so hard for them to deliver on their promises. Whereas I would have recommended Startlogic to people before, now I’m not in an amicable mood about it.

Add to this the fact that I’m having to learn the new system, and learn how to set up Domain Name System (DNS) entries with little help from my website host. I finally got some of the information I was looking for today, and within half an hour, voila! Back online.

Sociologique and Meet The Composers are still offline, so I’m still pissed. Two databases have not been moved, and one site hasn’t been moved at all. I can restore it from my own files, but the database has some info that I cannot.

Over the phone, I was told that I would get an in-person explanation as to why my account was sat on, however, to this date I have not received this explanation.

Meanwhile, I was able to learn enough about the virtual private server’s system to be able to set up a new domain on my own. In a snap, I give you Bee Lovely Candles – a project of Ariela’s. I can’t tell you more about it until this weekend, because I’m in quite a time crunch right now. Suffice to say that when I set it up it worked perfectly, and when they transferred it over it didn’t. Nyaa nyaa! (Keep in mind, I have no training in any of this stuff. It’s all been learn as I go)

So, here I am, didja miss me?

Moving to a new system…

Hello everyone,

While evaluating our three websites, the addition of a fourth, and the potential addition of a fifth, Ariela and I have decided to upgrade our hosting package to a dedicated virtual server. So if you notice anything really odd about the site in the next 24 hours, it’s because it is being trasnferred to the new system.

If the folks at Startlogic do their jobs without hiccup, we should be back and more powerful than ever! Actually, it will allow us to put a lot more content online, as in big media files and such. 20 Gigabytes here we come!

Welcome, DaveScot

Hours ago, I sent a message to fellow ID colleague David Scott Springer, who you may know as DaveScot. Given the negotiations that were taking place today over the future of Mogel’s website, I decided I should plan ahead. I have big plans for this new website, and all the secrets it contains.

But I would rather not spend all my time watching out for what everyone and their mom feels like saying in the comments, so I offered a high-level position to DaveScot – as my moderator-in-chief. And he has agreed. Give a warm welcome to my new Enforcer, DaveScot.