Bloggers moving around

I was wondering why Abbie Smith’s blog, Endogenous Retrovirus, had no new posts for a week. Her blog went down, and she decided to abandon blogspot for something better. That’s right, you can now find her in her new home on

Also, T. Ryan Gregory’s blog, Genomicron, has also just moved to a new home, at

Take a moment to check out their new blog homes, and congratulate them for leaving the restrictive (although free) blogspot system. My blogroll links on the right have been updated.

As you may know, I moved too, but you don’t have to change anything!


Hello everyone, it’s great to be back.

Previously, I mentioned that my website was getting transferred to a new system, and that I would be able to do a lot more with the site, bigger capacity, host more domains, etc. Well, the transfer didn’t happen, and after a week, all of our sites went down as our old accounts were closed.

And our emails were inoperative.

And people were unable to download my podcast.

And every time I called them, I was told that someone would be working on it and have it done in a couple days. A couple days later I got the same story. After repeated calls to Startlogic, I finally got someone to move their butt on Tuesday and start moving things from my old accounts to my new one. Then, bit by bit, things moved over during the last couple days, amidst frequent status update calls from me.

Needless to say, I’ve been pissed off. It was so easy for them to charge me extra money for this new service, and yet so hard for them to deliver on their promises. Whereas I would have recommended Startlogic to people before, now I’m not in an amicable mood about it.

Add to this the fact that I’m having to learn the new system, and learn how to set up Domain Name System (DNS) entries with little help from my website host. I finally got some of the information I was looking for today, and within half an hour, voila! Back online.

Sociologique and Meet The Composers are still offline, so I’m still pissed. Two databases have not been moved, and one site hasn’t been moved at all. I can restore it from my own files, but the database has some info that I cannot.

Over the phone, I was told that I would get an in-person explanation as to why my account was sat on, however, to this date I have not received this explanation.

Meanwhile, I was able to learn enough about the virtual private server’s system to be able to set up a new domain on my own. In a snap, I give you Bee Lovely Candles – a project of Ariela’s. I can’t tell you more about it until this weekend, because I’m in quite a time crunch right now. Suffice to say that when I set it up it worked perfectly, and when they transferred it over it didn’t. Nyaa nyaa! (Keep in mind, I have no training in any of this stuff. It’s all been learn as I go)

So, here I am, didja miss me?

Moving to a new system…

Hello everyone,

While evaluating our three websites, the addition of a fourth, and the potential addition of a fifth, Ariela and I have decided to upgrade our hosting package to a dedicated virtual server. So if you notice anything really odd about the site in the next 24 hours, it’s because it is being trasnferred to the new system.

If the folks at Startlogic do their jobs without hiccup, we should be back and more powerful than ever! Actually, it will allow us to put a lot more content online, as in big media files and such. 20 Gigabytes here we come!

Welcome, DaveScot

Hours ago, I sent a message to fellow ID colleague David Scott Springer, who you may know as DaveScot. Given the negotiations that were taking place today over the future of Mogel’s website, I decided I should plan ahead. I have big plans for this new website, and all the secrets it contains.

But I would rather not spend all my time watching out for what everyone and their mom feels like saying in the comments, so I offered a high-level position to DaveScot – as my moderator-in-chief. And he has agreed. Give a warm welcome to my new Enforcer, DaveScot.

A New Era for Science

Saluations, future and present minions. Mogel has finally come to understand the cold, hard truth. He cannot continue to deceive the world with tales about what “science” is supposed to be. As your new fearless Blog Czar, I will help guide you. This is what science is.

  1. Science is Power. The power to bend the matter of the universe to your will, to make the behavior of the creatures living in it conform to your every whim. Nourishing every childhood fantasy is the advantage of science. Continue reading A New Era for Science

Expelled, The End of an Era

By popular demand this blog is back in operation, though with only limited participation in the future from me. A reader of this blog has decided they are willing to shoulder the responsibility of maintaining this blog. Unlike in the past, when he was limited to commenting on my postings, he now has full posting privileges. You may recognize him from my show, and a few of my writings. We’ve had some strife in the past, but it seems that now he’s over it and is willing to assume the role I set out for him from the very beginning. A replacement, should anything happen to me.

He will have complete control of the blog, and his scientific and political connections are sure enough to keep things interesting for a long time to come. Please welcome your new Blog Czar, Mr. Evil J. Klone.

Post-Expulsion, stay tuned…

Last night, I announced that I was going to quit blogging for good, but in the few hours this morning I have received such an upwelling of support in my inbox, that I have decided to resurrect The Inoculated Mind in a limited capacity. I have received several offers from readers who are willing to take over the management of this blog, so I think I will appoint a Blog Czar to run the blog in my stead. Check back at 3:00 pm Central Time for my decision, and to welcome your new host.

I’ve EXPELLED myself

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have finally decided to call it quits. For a few years, now, I have been communicating science to the public, in my old column, on this blog, and with my radio show/podcast. But now it must all come to an end. Am I too busy with grad school? Is Ariela tired of getting me to come to bed on time? Or have I realized that all this time, I’ve been dead, dead, wrong? Continue reading I’ve EXPELLED myself


For those of you who may have visited my blog in the last two hours, or read my blog feed, a post went up that wasn’t supposed to. If you saw a glimpse, do wait for me to finish it up. If you didn’t see it, come back next week, this is gonna be good.

Interesting 24 hours

I’m late in posting the latest Mindcast – it’s been an interesting 24 hours. No, nothing humongous or shocking happened, but let me explain. Last night, I decided to take a brief nap at 7:30 before recording the show. Then, the next thing I know, it’s midnight, and I feel paralyzed below the clavicle, so it’s back to sleep I go. Then I woke up really early, and got a bunch of work done before class, had a great couple classes, and worked on a poster in preparation for a big event for next week. (post about that to come.) Finally, I find myself at home, waiting on the fish in the oven, before I set about putting together episode 77.

Maybe I just needed all that sleep, but it sure made me feel good and really made this day work out great.

I learned a few new things, too. Apparently it’s a hoot to travel the world in search of carrot and garlic germplasm, and carrots today have about 3 times as much carotene as they did 40 years ago. All thanks to plant breeders!

In the meantime, have a look at Tangled Bank #99!

Update 2/21: I am swamped with stats homework, and preparations for a trip to a conference, so I’ve taken the week off from doing the show. Episode 77 should be done and posted Tuesday the 26th, before I go to Washington D-

I’ve said too much.