Monday Madness: Ludicrous Lawsuit Lapse

Barely over a year ago, a friend of mine got in a car accident on a really bad intersection in Sacramento, which has since improved. (Funny what adding a traffic light does to a high-speed overpass that you want to cross from an offramp… My friend was technically at fault, but I drove through that intersection a few times and it was nerve-wracking.) My friend had some bruising, but healed quickly, and thankfully the person in the colliding vehicle came out unscathed. The insurance companies chucked their lawyers at each other, and cars were fixed or replaced, and insurance rates probably increased as well, but soon enough everyone got their lives back on track. Until now, a year later – my friend is getting sued.
I know what you’re thinking – why am I talking about this on my blog? Until the whole thing blows over, I won’t identify my friend, which shouldn’t be long anyhow. It won’t even go to court, but if it did, I’d pay real money to see them argue this one! Continue reading Monday Madness: Ludicrous Lawsuit Lapse


The worst thing about Spring

(A Monday Madness Exclusive… On Tuesday)

Ah, Springtime. The grass is young and lush, the weather is warming up, and the fruit trees are budding forth and bursting into bloom. The bees have awoken from their slumber and are rearing brood and trucking in the pollen. Birds chirp, the wind blows, and humans, recently turning forward their clocks, are planting gardens and spending more time outside. Including me and my allergies.

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Monday Madness: NSTA can’t be cool without fuel

(via Pharyngula via Think Progress)

I have just learned a disturbing truth about An Inconvenient Truth. Remember the Al Gore-starring documentary, that got five stars for accuracy, and that I raved about on the Mindcast? The National Science Teachers Association, or NSTA, was offered 50,000 free DVDs of this documentary. Absolutely free, at no profit to anyone except perhaps the post office. What a deal! How do you think the NSTA would respond to such a deal? Think again.

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Monday Tuesday Madness: Intolerance in the air.

When I flew to Madison a couple weeks ago, one person I sat next to told me he was intolerant. Lactose intolerant. I confided in him that I, too, was unable to digest this milk-sugar, but my love of cheese made me keep lactase tablets in constant supply.

The following week, I read about a case of lactose intolerance in airplanes that got national coverage. But a different kind of intolerance. Continue reading Monday Tuesday Madness: Intolerance in the air.

Monday Madness: This is your brain on Meth

Dawkins to Haggard: Why are you rubbing my shoulder??

Some of you may know about Ted Haggard because you watched The Root of All Evil by Richard Dawkins, and he called Dawkins arrogant and wrong. Dawkins quipped that Haggard’s sermons were like Nuremburg rallies, a joke that Ted didn’t seem to understand. Haggard himself, ironically, was arrogant and wrong.
Some of you may know Haggard because he is was the president of the National Association of Evangelicals, thirty million strong, and had almost weekly conference calls with president Bush and other religious leaders.

Some may know him as a major campaigner for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in Colorado.

Some of you may also know of him because he was your pastor. If your religious leader was “Pastor Ted,” then I feel sorry for you. He scoffed at the fact that the Earth is over 4.5 billion years old, and that means he’s solid on biblical inerrancy and literalism. Anyone up for a stoning? If you know him as your pastor, then the next piece of news must be particularly unsettling.
Some of you, however, know Ted Haggard because of the recent, admitted allegations that he cheated on his wife (of 5 kids) with a (now former) gay prostitute and purchased methamphetamines. Now all of a sudden he makes sense. This is your brain on Meth.

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Monday Madness: Hovind = Bovine feces

Kent Hovind, who calls himself “Dr. Dino,” is in trouble with the IRS again. First it was bankruptcy, then he sued the IRS three times and had all three of his lawsuits thrown out. Now, the IRS is after him on 58 counts of tax evasion. Almost $500,000 in taxes owed to them, from the $5,000,000 he took in for his “ministry.”

Hovind, however, contests the charges, saying that “he and his employees work for God, are paid by God and therefore aren’t subject to taxation.” Originally, he claimed that he was ignorant of tax laws and had no idea he was doing anything wrong. “I still don’t understand what I’m being charged for and who is charging me.”

That’s two counts of bullshit.

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Monday Madness: Delicious Denialist Dumbnuttery

Bring us your tired, your poor, your masses hungering for a slice of stupidity. It’s time for Monday Madness.

Tara Smith at Aetology was treated with one of the most inane statements known to medical science, from a doubter of that biological dogma known as the Germ Theory of Disease. You know, that diseases are caused by infectious agents, like the flu, HIV, E coli O157:H7, and whooping cough.

The immune system is just a theoretical representation but warmongering germs have no biological reality. Continue reading Monday Madness: Delicious Denialist Dumbnuttery