Wednesday Madness: Darwin undermined math

Apologies for not getting this out on Monday.

Nick Matzke at the National Center for Science Education has indexed one of the most bizarre claims levvied against evolutionary science. He was reading a book by Wiker and Witt, two antievolutionists affiliated with the Discovery Institute, and near the end, they concocted the most amazing argument ever seen – That Charles Darwin undermined the foundation of mathematics. Continue reading Wednesday Madness: Darwin undermined math

Monday Madness: What would an ID research assistant do?

A few weeks ago, the science blogging world was dealt a heavy blow – with the canning of DaveScot at Uncommon Descent, and the blog’s re-birth as The weblog of William Dembski, Denyse O’Leary, and Friends. A heavy blow because, well, DaveScot was so funny. For over half a year, this buffoon managed IDist William Dembski’s blog, which I talked about before on the debut of my own blog. DaveScot yelled at commenters, both Darwinian and not, and continued the bang-up job of censoring dissent that William Dembski started over a year ago.

But with DaveScot given the boot out of there, it seemed that the comic relief that was Uncommon Descent would be gone. We were wrong. In addition to inviting Denyse O’Leary to blog at the site, Dembski appears to have invited the unlikeliest of people to help moderate the site. His research assistant. Continue reading Monday Madness: What would an ID research assistant do?

Monday Madness: Six Flags embraces Storkism

Evolution. Global Warming. Embryonic Stem Cells. In the battles we fight for science, too often we pay attention to the bigger issues and let lesser known skirmishes slip in under the radar. When was the last time you heard a science writer call for accuracy in basic human biology? And so it happens that without the due attention paid to the misconceptions that crop up and persist in the human mind, they rise to the surface and manifest as unsightly signs of pervasive ignorance: Six Flags Marine World embraces Storkism. Continue reading Monday Madness: Six Flags embraces Storkism

Monday Madness: Support our Troops… ?

I often find myself at the hardware store finding parts for bee boxes and apparati, tubes to cool a condenser with water from the kitchen faucet, and pieces of wood for making a test tube spice rack. I prefer to shop at Orchard Supply Hardware, but seeing as how there isn’t one in Davis, I often find myself at Ace. One day, Ace Hardware decided to put up a sign which got laughs from me every time I passed it. They decided to say: “Support our Troops,” but had the most uncanny way of presenting it, so bad that it deserves to be the next installment of Monday Madness.

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Monday Madness: 900 snarks and counting.

Over the weekend, I conceived of a new kind of blog post that I would attempt to write regularly every week, showcasing the limits of human stupidity. I mean, I talk about all sorts of examples of human ingenuity, but sometimes people do things that really make you wonder if they are members of our species. I took a couple pictures of signs in preparation for what I will now call, Monday Madness.

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