Evolution is FALSE Because of Women!

I can’t believe I missed this post at Pharyngula. Apparently, Ann Coulter figured out that evolution was false. Why? Because Evolution is supported by biologists, you know, women. She’s suggesting that we can guage the relative merits of stupid evolutionary “Darwiniacs” and their super-smart Intelligent Design “Coulterparts” on the basis of sex ratios… and she’s right. Continue reading Evolution is FALSE Because of Women!

My mark of the beast

Gotta love superstition, it gives us lucky numbers, unlucky fridays, sidewalk crack phobias, and obsession over meaningless numbers. Take today, for instance, the Sixth Day of the Sixth month of the Sixth year of the century/milennium. 06/06/06, the mark of the beast, aka the antichrist, people seriously freak out and spend an inordinate effort to keep this palindromic number from coinciding with anything, be it a birthdate or a social security number. By no ironic coincidence, Ann Coulter released her new book today, but on the flip side, PZ Myers announced that today is the birthday of his blog.

Now for my ‘mark of the beast.’ Continue reading My mark of the beast