Interesting 24 hours

I’m late in posting the latest Mindcast – it’s been an interesting 24 hours. No, nothing humongous or shocking happened, but let me explain. Last night, I decided to take a brief nap at 7:30 before recording the show. Then, the next thing I know, it’s midnight, and I feel paralyzed below the clavicle, so it’s back to sleep I go. Then I woke up really early, and got a bunch of work done before class, had a great couple classes, and worked on a poster in preparation for a big event for next week. (post about that to come.) Finally, I find myself at home, waiting on the fish in the oven, before I set about putting together episode 77.

Maybe I just needed all that sleep, but it sure made me feel good and really made this day work out great.

I learned a few new things, too. Apparently it’s a hoot to travel the world in search of carrot and garlic germplasm, and carrots today have about 3 times as much carotene as they did 40 years ago. All thanks to plant breeders!

In the meantime, have a look at Tangled Bank #99!

Update 2/21: I am swamped with stats homework, and preparations for a trip to a conference, so I’ve taken the week off from doing the show. Episode 77 should be done and posted Tuesday the 26th, before I go to Washington D-

I’ve said too much.