One Egnorant Doctor

It’s amazing to see anti-evolutionists repeat again and again that credentials mean nothing, brushing aside the judgements of thousands upon thousands of scientists, and then do the opposite. Intelligent Design’s latest proponent is a highly-skilled neurosurgeon named Dr. Michael Egnor, and he’s been invited not only for an interview on the Discovery Institute’s low-listenership podcast, but is now repeating age-old debunked arguments against evolution on the DI’s news blog. Wildly claiming that evolution has nothing to do with medicine, Dr. Egnor has revealed to us that on this subject, he is woefully ignorant. Continue reading One Egnorant Doctor

Gone Prospectin’

Wednesday morning, I was up at the un-humanly hour of 7:30 am (ok fine, that’s not unhumanly), to catch a flight out of Sacramento. The day before, I loaded a replay of the mindcast into the KDRT computer, and spent most of Valentines Day packing and tying up loose ends. As I write, I’m on a plane headed for Philadelphia, Transylvania Pennsylvania. After sleeping, I’ll take a short jump up to Ithaca, New York. What am I up to now?

I’m a prospective graduate student, and I’m gone prospectin’. Continue reading Gone Prospectin’