A Climate Audit wiki?

Hmmm, it appears that one of the readers that leaked over from Climate Audit learned about the Wikispot project I’m involved in (and have two wikis on). There’s now a Climate Audit 101 Wiki. The wiki, started by Carl Gullans, is billed thus:

This Wiki aims to collect, organize, and explain the findings at Steve McIntyre’s blog [WWW]http://www.climateaudit.org as they pertain to the climate record.

Maybe we need a RealClimate Wiki to debunk half of the Climate Audit wiki? This may be interesting.
Still, good to see that the Wikispot community is expanding! Wiki the planet!

Update: 11-27 8:03 AM. It appears that the trackback that was placed on the Climate Audit blog by linking to it on this post has been deleted. Fascinating. Let’s see what happens when I re-ping the blog…

Update: 11-27 11:26 AM. Deleted again. I should get a screenshot…

…and here’s the screenshot. I was hoping to have the trackback be identical to the first and second one, but this time it displayed the text of the latest update. Note: the time displayed on Climate Audit is not the actual time (Central Time) that I made the comment. It appears to be behind by about 20 minutes.


Monday Madness: Stop Suppressing the Vote!

Last week, the science blogosphere had an interesting time with the 2007 weblog awards category for Best Science Blog. Among the contenders were last year’s winner Pharyngula, runner-up Bad Astronomy, new contender Invasive Species Weblog, Corporate Shill “Free Market Defender” Junk Science, and anthropogenic global warming “auditor” Climate Audit. Unlike last year’s fun competition between Phil Plait and PZ Myers (chronicled here), this one had at the heart of it a heated ideological battle, and also a nugget of pure Madness. Continue reading Monday Madness: Stop Suppressing the Vote!

Fall came late this year

So the native Wisconsinites tell me. October was too kind to us here in Madison, Wisconsin, and although the month began with a really cold rainstorm, it has been way too temperate. Well, the leaves are falling off the trees like out of a Calvin & Hobbes comic strip, and Fall is finally here. (Well with oaks and conifers in California, we see fall colors, but not like this!)

The weather is still temperate, but it’s bound to get cold pretty quickly. Almost a year ago, Ariela and I showed up in Madison to check the place out and it was very cold. And it snowed. I guess fall came late this year, but not because of the weather, you see, I have a very scientific measure for the arrival of autumn. Nay, not the leaves of the trees, nor a temperature threshold that can fool you. The one reliable indicator of this seasonal transition is Continue reading Fall came late this year

Al Gore should run for…

I just read this marvelous article about Al Gore:

The Last Temptation of Al Gore

And I think I have decided what I think about Al Gore running for President.

It has come up a few times on my show, mentioned in passing. The idea that Al Gore, reinvigorated by the urgency of the cause of dealing with global warming, resurging in popularity, and delving into our country’s political and environmental mistakes, should run for President. People everywhere are telling him “please run,” and many more people agree that he could probably win as a stealth candidate added to the roster right before the deadline. He himself has left the possibility open, but clearly stating that he has no plans to do so.

If you could talk to Al Gore and tell him what you think about him running, what would you suggest? Use his popularity and momentum to be lifted to the top and change it from within, but risk the slime of politics and losing another bid for President? Or instead focus on the environmental problem that he has been worried about for longer than anything else, already reshaping the public discourse, but risk missing out on a golden opportunity to enact change directly? What would it be? My answer is below the fold. Continue reading Al Gore should run for…

I knew it wouldn’t last long

It slices, it dices..!Fox News. Science. Two things that just don’t go well together. A little more than a year ago, Fox News finally decided to add a science section to their website. finally, I thought, there would be a little information to combat the vacuum of information provided by Steven Milloy’s columns. The constant denials of climate science on the website were for once, seen on the same page as news clip after news clip. That didn’t last long. Continue reading I knew it wouldn’t last long