Monday Madness: Where logic dares not tread.

And “sometimes” is “mostly.”
About once a week, I check on Uncommon Descent, mostly because I am interested in learning about the ways that pseudoscientists react to things, and how they use logic. Or not. Continue reading Monday Madness: Where logic dares not tread.

Oh good, a farce!

Creationists love to debate scientists about evolution. If the evidence was on the side of the scientists supporting evolution, (you know, almost all of us) you would think they would get tired of it, right? Wrong. They’re looking for exposure, are prepared to use empty rhetoric, and can’t wait to debate any scientist that comes their way. Especially Dr. Donald Duh, a Professor Emeritus at Whatever State University.

Yes, as Nick Matzke reveals at the Panda’s Thumb, The Intelligent Design Creationists are so eager to debate anyone that they have set up a series of debates, with their Gish-Galloping selves on one side, and a fake who-cares-get-an-old-guy-that-looks-like-darwin-behind-a-podium professor. You know, Dr. Duh. At Whatever S.U.

You know you want to read the comic

It reminded me of an old Calvin and Hobbes comic, which I believe is particularly apt for this situation. It’s right at the bottom, so clich through and read all about the theatrics of debating evolution. Continue reading Oh good, a farce!

Monday Madness: What would an ID research assistant do?

A few weeks ago, the science blogging world was dealt a heavy blow – with the canning of DaveScot at Uncommon Descent, and the blog’s re-birth as The weblog of William Dembski, Denyse O’Leary, and Friends. A heavy blow because, well, DaveScot was so funny. For over half a year, this buffoon managed IDist William Dembski’s blog, which I talked about before on the debut of my own blog. DaveScot yelled at commenters, both Darwinian and not, and continued the bang-up job of censoring dissent that William Dembski started over a year ago.

But with DaveScot given the boot out of there, it seemed that the comic relief that was Uncommon Descent would be gone. We were wrong. In addition to inviting Denyse O’Leary to blog at the site, Dembski appears to have invited the unlikeliest of people to help moderate the site. His research assistant. Continue reading Monday Madness: What would an ID research assistant do?

Evolution is FALSE Because of Women!

I can’t believe I missed this post at Pharyngula. Apparently, Ann Coulter figured out that evolution was false. Why? Because Evolution is supported by biologists, you know, women. She’s suggesting that we can guage the relative merits of stupid evolutionary “Darwiniacs” and their super-smart Intelligent Design “Coulterparts” on the basis of sex ratios… and she’s right. Continue reading Evolution is FALSE Because of Women!

Half Truth

On Friday April 28, I attended a talk given by Nancy Pearcey, one of the Discovery Institute Fellows, at UC Davis. The talk was officially put on by Grace Alive, a student Christian organization, but I imagine that it is merely a formality to register the free auditorium on campus for the church’s event. Their Faith and Reason series has invited Michael Behe, William Dembski, and other anti-evolutionists.

As I expected, the anti-evolution content was not very much, but what became apparent was that this “Total Truth” lecture gave less than the whole truth. Continue reading Half Truth

Tangled Bank 52

Welcome, everyone, to the latest issue of The Tangled Bank. Everyone has sent in their submissions, and there’s been some really good stuff submitted to me. I now fully appreciate the efforts of all Tangled Bank Hosts, because it is a serious task evaluating several magazines-worth of articles to put together an issue. The Tangled Bank is a model science blog carnival, now let’s set the gold standard!

A long time ago, on a weblog far, far away…

Continue reading Tangled Bank 52

Get your deleted journalism here

The controversy over “Dr. Doom” has taken an interesting and expected turn. After the Sequin Gazette-Enterprise broke the story that Dr. Eric Pianka advocated the deaths of 90 percent of the human population to save the rest of the biosphere from us, the creationists jumped all over it. Now, not only have most of the creationists totally abandoned their interest in Pianka, (expected) but when you try to access the articles on the Seguin Gazette-Enterprise, they are coincidentally missing… Interesting. But I’ve got them right here for you. Continue reading Get your deleted journalism here

Stupid is as stupid does

My name's Forrest, Forrest MimsThe blogosphere (and the regular media) just hit a big firestorm, with people typing away like madness. Over what? The claims made by a creationist about an award-winning ecologist named Dr. Pianka, aka “Dr. Doom.” Forrest Mims, whom you see to the right sporting a hat embroidered with a higher lifeform, claimed that Dr. Pianka advocated the elimination of 90% percent of the world’s human population with airborne ebola. Did Dr. Doom do it? Continue reading Stupid is as stupid does