Helix of another coil

A couple weeks ago I blogged about the Double Helix Nebula, making an educated guess about whether or not it coils the same way as DNA, (like a bolt or screw) or the retrograde Z-DNA. I also predicted that the Intelligent Design crowd was going to latch onto this nebula as some sort of example of design akin to what they believe happened in the origin of life. Was I right? Well, the UCLA scientist who discovered the nebula stepped in on both counts… Continue reading Helix of another coil


When the planets align

There are hundreds of thousands of people in the Sacramento area, and we see thousands of people every day we venture out. So it may only be a mathematical consequence, a convergence of various chances that results in the inevitability that we may run into someone that we know, however unexpected it may be. Nevertheless, our human minds seem to ignore mathematical realities when the unlikeliest of people turn up. At Trader Joe’s, I ran into Michael Mercury.

Who? Continue reading When the planets align

Have you stopped beating up science?

Science Fiction author David Brin comments on the Intelligent Design situation, offering up a moving conclusion. He suggests that if we focus on the aspects of ID that differ from classic Creation Science, then we could highlight just how effective science has been at forcing the opposition to evolve. Continue reading Have you stopped beating up science?

The Mindlog Part II, Entering the Blogosphere.

So I’ve decided to start a weblog. The weblog, or blog for short, has had a shaky beginning. This is largely because of the stereotype that blog authors are just bored and lonely technophiles who have nothing to say but are telling people they have never met what they had for breakfast, featuring a live mood-indicator. Or perhaps you’ve thought of them as places where angry people vent their grammatically poor, factually atrocious, and ethically mal-adjusted personal views hoping that someone will subscribe to their drivel. Finally, perhaps you heard warnings about blogs through the print, radio, or television media during political campaigns as having posted dubious information and so-called anonymous ‘expert analyses’ about candidates or political issues. Yes, they can be used for that, just like the print media has its tabloids, television has its trash, and even radio has its idiotic ideologues.

But blogs as a delivery system for information have far more potential than people may yet realize. Continue reading The Mindlog Part II, Entering the Blogosphere.