Whole Foods rejects biodegradable plastic?

I was searching around the ‘net this morning looking for some pictures of corn fields for the re-theming of my website (you can check the progress by selecting “damuhan” in the theme switcher on the bottom right), when I came upon an interesting page. A company called Peeled Snacks was celebrating that its fruit and nut products that would soon be available in Whole Foods stores, but were lamenting the fact that Whole Foods was forcing them to use non-biodegradable packaging? How the hell? Continue reading Whole Foods rejects biodegradable plastic?


Assumptions about Sustainability

Sustainability is a very important term for agriculture. It is a measure of how long a particulaar practice can be maintained. The longer it can be maintained, the more sustainable. If it can be maintained indefinitely, then it is said to be completely sustainable. One of the things that also makes sustainability great, is it is an easily understandable concept. But there are a few things up Sustainability’s sleeve that maybe you didn’t quite expect. Continue reading Assumptions about Sustainability

Starting in my new lab…

I can’t wait. I’m a good 2 miles from my building – looks like I’m going to get some much-needed exercise this morning. I don’t have to pack a lunch today, because the whole lab is springing for some pizza, or perhaps some sub sandwiches. And then when I get back home today it will be a relaxing evening of… finishing unpacking. 🙂 Well, here goes!

*Turns brain on*

Final Live Davis Show!

Hello everyone. I’m gearing up for the last live episode of The Inoculated Mind Radio & Mindcast on KDRT 101.5 fm. Tonight, from 6-7:30 pm, there will be no science news, but plenty of fun.

Episode 74

Miller v Myers

Miller v Myers

First, PZ Myers and Ken Miller will return for a discussion of the role of religion and non-religion in the acceptance of evolution. They were on the show back in January, but were in back-to-back interviews. Due to popular demand, I’ve put together a dual-phone interview to bring them both on to discuss the issue together. Or tear each other apart with their Lightsabers Logic and Jedi Mind Tricks arguments.

Grad what?

My show is ending in Davis because I’m taking off to graduate school. If all goes well, however, repeats will be playing on KDRT until I secure a new station, and thereafter it will continue to be broadcasted fresh each week in town. I’ll be talking more about what I’ll be doing, why I decided to go to Madison, and who I’ll be working for. In case you have some frustration you would like to misplace, I’ll have my new advisor on the show, Dr. Shawn Kaeppler, who will talk about the research he does, and what research and communication projects I’ll be working on with him.

Something making me uneasy

Ever feel like you’re being watched? Followed? Like someone’s out to get you? Whenever I have that feeling, Evil J. Klone tends to show up. I wonder if he’ll try something tonight?

The Appassionata

Ariela Haro from Ariela’s Appassionata will also be on at the end of the show to talk about doing radio, moving to Wisconsin with me, and there might be a few surprises in store for her. Good thing she’s not reading my blog right now. 🙂


We’ll be bidding Davis farewell as we start our next adventure. Call-ins are welcome.

Gone Prospectin’

Wednesday morning, I was up at the un-humanly hour of 7:30 am (ok fine, that’s not unhumanly), to catch a flight out of Sacramento. The day before, I loaded a replay of the mindcast into the KDRT computer, and spent most of Valentines Day packing and tying up loose ends. As I write, I’m on a plane headed for Philadelphia, Transylvania Pennsylvania. After sleeping, I’ll take a short jump up to Ithaca, New York. What am I up to now?

I’m a prospective graduate student, and I’m gone prospectin’. Continue reading Gone Prospectin’

Honeybees in trouble

(via Aetology) I heard that honeybees were in trouble. There’s a mysterious unknown illness killing the bees, and it is rapidly killing off hives. They’re dubbing it “Colony Collapse Disorder,” or CCD. Scores of hives are turning up dead, and it seems that the usual suspects of varroa and tracheal mites, small hive beetles, etc, may not be responsible. Researchers around the country are scrambling to find out what has been causing this recent die-off. Could it be a virus, fungus, or new insect pest? Continue reading Honeybees in trouble