Victorious yet again

Well, victorious with two-second prizes. The Chlorofilms plant science video contest winners have been announced, and both my entries got second place! Read all about it at Biofortified.

Now I’m a “Three time award-winning producer”! That ought to help me get another grant to keep churning out this stuff for years to come.


Happy Paul Nelson Day!

Five years, oh where has the time gone? Five years ago today, a creationist promised the science blogging community that he would explain a fancy new term that he came up with. Supposed to be a measurement of the degree of development of an organism, “Ontogenetic Depth” interested PZ Myers because he himself studies developmental biology. But the creationist never explained what it was, how it was calculated, and why the most developmentally well-characterized metazoan model species, C. elegans, had an OD of ‘somewhere between 7 and 9.’

That creationist’s name is Paul Nelson. Five years ago today he made a promise, Continue reading Happy Paul Nelson Day!

No more pipetting late at night!

I can’t believe I haven’t embedded this video in my blog yet. This goes out to all you lab rats out there up all night making PCR plates until your thumbs ache.

Okay, so it’s an ad for a pipetting machine made by Eppendorf… but with this production quality I can’t help but be a part of their viral marketing campaign.

I should make a music video about plant breeding…

Watch. Colossal Squid. Now.

It’s time! The squid dissection is underway. In case you haven’t heard yet, a 500 kg (1,100 pound) giant squid was caught by a fishing ship, and it is being dissected today. Well, tomorrow, but tomorrow in Australia is today. (It’s a crazy, mixed-up upside-down world) Right now, they’ve got the cameras on, and are streaming the footage live via webcast. You can point your media programs at it by clicking here. Right now they’ve got the lights off and they are pointing a blacklight at the thawed squid. I’m keeping Ariela entertained by playing some crazy disco music from the original Battlestar Galactica along with the Blacklight scene! It’s a party!

It’s so big, yet so cute! Are those little swim floats on the tentacles of the squid like those you put on the arms of little kids?

Anyway, get off ye bums and have a lookie. Crikey!

(I have now moved on from the bad BSG music and am playing something more mature and fitting, like SeaQuest DSV by John Debney.)

Sang like a bird!

I just had my voice recorded today for one of the video projects I’m working on with my adviser, and it went off without a hitch. Apparently I’m the first [client] to have used the new sound studio closet in the Teacher Education building. In a few weeks, we should have a complete video, to show all the curious people out there how to pollinate corn. No, really. 🙂 Continue reading Sang like a bird!

Tangled Bank 97: The Frozen Bank

It is interesting to contemplate a frozen bank, clothed with ice of many kinds, with birds not singing on the bushes, with various insects nowhere to be seen, and with worms crawling under the earth, and to reflect that these elaborately constructed forms, so different from each other, and dependent upon each other in so complex a manner, have… aw hell, it’s fricken freezing and there’s nothing but ice, snow, and cold air on the banks of Madison, Wisconsin. What am I to do to keep warm? Thankfully, a whole host of science bloggers sent me their best posts from the last few weeks – let’s see if we can warm up together in this cold northern weather to the 97th edition of the Tangled Bank. Continue reading Tangled Bank 97: The Frozen Bank

The worst thing about Spring

(A Monday Madness Exclusive… On Tuesday)

Ah, Springtime. The grass is young and lush, the weather is warming up, and the fruit trees are budding forth and bursting into bloom. The bees have awoken from their slumber and are rearing brood and trucking in the pollen. Birds chirp, the wind blows, and humans, recently turning forward their clocks, are planting gardens and spending more time outside. Including me and my allergies.

You know what the worst thing about Spring is? Continue reading The worst thing about Spring

Gone Prospectin’

Wednesday morning, I was up at the un-humanly hour of 7:30 am (ok fine, that’s not unhumanly), to catch a flight out of Sacramento. The day before, I loaded a replay of the mindcast into the KDRT computer, and spent most of Valentines Day packing and tying up loose ends. As I write, I’m on a plane headed for Philadelphia, Transylvania Pennsylvania. After sleeping, I’ll take a short jump up to Ithaca, New York. What am I up to now?

I’m a prospective graduate student, and I’m gone prospectin’. Continue reading Gone Prospectin’