The other side of Prospecting

Friday night I attended a dinner with two prospective graduate students for the PBPG program here at UW-Madison. It’s so interesting, being on the other side of the prospecting process. (It will be even more interesting if I become a professor/PI.)

The prospective students were split up into three parties, one that came the Friday before last, another last Monday, and two the Friday that just passed. I didn’t meet any of the other students (been too busy), but I did get a couple of data points, and saw a bit of how I looked one year ago this month. Continue reading The other side of Prospecting

Sang like a bird!

I just had my voice recorded today for one of the video projects I’m working on with my adviser, and it went off without a hitch. Apparently I’m the first [client] to have used the new sound studio closet in the Teacher Education building. In a few weeks, we should have a complete video, to show all the curious people out there how to pollinate corn. No, really. 🙂 Continue reading Sang like a bird!

Wisconsin Dells Woo-seum

(Hat tip to Pharyngula) According to this news story, there’s a guy opening a creationist museum in Wisconsin Dells. For those who are not familiar, that is like, one hour north of where I live in Madison, Wisconsin. A home for water parks and other touristy things like that, Wisconsin Dells is visted by 3 million people a year. Perfect for a flight of fancy. Continue reading Wisconsin Dells Woo-seum

Mr Wizard dies

In the 1960s and 70s, half of the students applying to Rockefeller University credited one person when it came to their interest in science. It was Don Herbert, known everywhere as Mr. Wizard. At the age of 89, he died yesterday.

He was one of my influences when I was young, but I didn’t get to see as much of him as I would have liked. I would credit James Burke and Connections more than Mr. Wizard. (Newton’s Apple was also cool) However, this man did a fantastic job teaching and popularizing science to the general public. To get people genuinely interested in science for science’s sake, and to amaze children with even the simplest of phenomena – that is a real feat. The world doesn’t need slight-of-hand magicians, the world needs more magicians of reality like Mr. Wizard. The first of his kind.
Should he rest in peace? Hell no! If you’ve got some time today, let Mr. Wizard show you something cool!

OR if you’re so inclined, check out the discussion at Slashdot and relate your favorite Mr. Wizard memories!

Beyond Belief 2006

I’ve been watching listening to Beyond Belief 2006, and it is simply eyebrow-raising. Science, religion, morality, reason, and the future of our species. Check it out, it’s got people from Lawrence Krauss to Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, and Joan Roughgarden.
Beyond Belief 2006

One person seems mightily displeased about it though. Keep dreaming of the Templeton prize, Dembski. Keep dreaming.

Five Six reasons not to read Forbes

Take a look at this article in Forbes, assuring everyone that they may be better served not going to college. Yes, indeed! You are better served not going to college, and that you should invest the tuition money while you work your way to the top – that is their conclusion. Well, that sounds questionable, but their logic must be sound, I mean this is Forbes, right? Excuse me while I whip out my enzyme… Continue reading Five Six reasons not to read Forbes