It has begun

Back in the summer, I interviewed Philip Neustrom, founder* of the Davis Wiki. He told me then that he was working on setting up a system whereby someone could easily found their own wiki. Well, now Philip tells me that the system is ready. So last Friday, right before I took off to Florida, I started my wiki project. Continue reading It has begun

Beyond Belief 2006

I’ve been watching listening to Beyond Belief 2006, and it is simply eyebrow-raising. Science, religion, morality, reason, and the future of our species. Check it out, it’s got people from Lawrence Krauss to Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, and Joan Roughgarden.
Beyond Belief 2006

One person seems mightily displeased about it though. Keep dreaming of the Templeton prize, Dembski. Keep dreaming.

Five Six reasons not to read Forbes

Take a look at this article in Forbes, assuring everyone that they may be better served not going to college. Yes, indeed! You are better served not going to college, and that you should invest the tuition money while you work your way to the top – that is their conclusion. Well, that sounds questionable, but their logic must be sound, I mean this is Forbes, right? Excuse me while I whip out my enzyme… Continue reading Five Six reasons not to read Forbes