Stick a needle in – anywhere will do

Yesterday, I was browsing the news as per usual, and I came across this article about Acupuncture being twice as effective as conventional treatments for back pain. If you’ll read the article, you’ll notice that it contradicts itself. First, acupuncture is better than conventional treatments, then acupuncture is no better than “fake” acupuncture, and doesn’t work at all. Huh? I put in a comment, calling into question the contradictions in the article, and so far it has not seen the light of day. I also sent a message to Orac, and he’s now got a post up explaining just what’s wrong with this whole thing. Continue reading Stick a needle in – anywhere will do

Losing weight through science!

There have been a couple of recent discoveries related to weight loss. My fellow Americans (and international counterparts) have been searching for years for factors other than diet and exercise that could be affecting how much weight they gain. Well it appears that with a new Adenovirus and a “Skinny Gene” that both seem to be making people fat, we have found what’s making us fat. Or have we? Continue reading Losing weight through science!

Fudged Facts, and CNN’s new A-hole, thanks to Moore

Last Saturday, I saw Michael Moore’s Sicko. Very good film, and well-timed to affect the political discourse early on in the election campaigns for next year. So then I was browsing onegoodmove, where many of Michael Moore’s interviews have been posted, and I came across a fecal storm. Continue reading Fudged Facts, and CNN’s new A-hole, thanks to Moore

The worst thing about Spring

(A Monday Madness Exclusive… On Tuesday)

Ah, Springtime. The grass is young and lush, the weather is warming up, and the fruit trees are budding forth and bursting into bloom. The bees have awoken from their slumber and are rearing brood and trucking in the pollen. Birds chirp, the wind blows, and humans, recently turning forward their clocks, are planting gardens and spending more time outside. Including me and my allergies.

You know what the worst thing about Spring is? Continue reading The worst thing about Spring

May Darwin set you free

(via Pharyngula via Effect Measure) Six Doctors have been held in a Libyan prison, accused of purposefully infecting over 400 children with HIV and Hepatitis C(HCV). Without even a motive, the “Tripoli Six” have been put on trial by the Libyan government, and they are sending them down an express freight train to wrongful imprisonment, maybe more. Darwin help us! Actually, Darwin just might. Continue reading May Darwin set you free

Monday Madness: Delicious Denialist Dumbnuttery

Bring us your tired, your poor, your masses hungering for a slice of stupidity. It’s time for Monday Madness.

Tara Smith at Aetology was treated with one of the most inane statements known to medical science, from a doubter of that biological dogma known as the Germ Theory of Disease. You know, that diseases are caused by infectious agents, like the flu, HIV, E coli O157:H7, and whooping cough.

The immune system is just a theoretical representation but warmongering germs have no biological reality. Continue reading Monday Madness: Delicious Denialist Dumbnuttery

Another recall from Salinas

The Salinas Valley, from which we got our tasty E. coli contaminated-lettuce, now has another leafy green recall. CNN has the story.

This recall was prompted by the possibility that the irrigation water that watered the lettuce was contaminated with E. coli.

What us up with the Salinas Valley? The feces has literally hit the fan in there.

Popeye’s autopsy reveals O157:H7 culprit

I was driving down to L.A. on Friday, ready to spend a week without too many worldly distractions, when the ABC news updates on KGO reported that people have been getting sick and one has died from an outbreak of E. coli linked to spinach grown on organic farms in California. The news reports were very short, limited to warning against eating fresh spinach, the numbers on who’s been affected, and where investigators have linked the outbreak. My immediate reaction was that the bacteria were likely to have come from manure, which is frequently spread on organic farms. Needless to say I’m interested in this story. Continue reading Popeye’s autopsy reveals O157:H7 culprit