Fudged Facts, and CNN’s new A-hole, thanks to Moore

Last Saturday, I saw Michael Moore’s Sicko. Very good film, and well-timed to affect the political discourse early on in the election campaigns for next year. So then I was browsing onegoodmove, where many of Michael Moore’s interviews have been posted, and I came across a fecal storm. Continue reading Fudged Facts, and CNN’s new A-hole, thanks to Moore


June 26 day of Silence

Get this. Say you’re a musician, and you record your own music and post it on the web to download. No problem. But should you decide to stream it, you’ll have to pay royalties. Even if you release it for free use. Now say you’re a college radio station or some other independent outfit, and you stream your music over the internet – soon you may have to pay huge royalty fees thanks to the RIAA, retroactive back to 1998. This could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars for some stations. So in protest, internet radio stations are planning a Day of Silence tomorrow the 26th of June.

Many internet radio broadcasters are shutting down their broadcast or instead broadcasting static to show exactly what this will do for media democracy. Podcasts, of course, will still be available, because they’re not live, but recorded. And as a matter of fact, if you’ve been a listener of my show and you can’t listen to internet radio tomorrow, I’ll have something ready tonight for folks to download. Oh yes!

For more information, see the Radio And Internet Newsletter.

Science Journalists and Journalist Scientists

The science blogosphere is abuzz with a lively discussion about the interaction of scientists and science journalists. It all started when Tara Smith at Aetology put up her first post, Question for the academic types – Interview Requests. In it, she asks,

On a listserv I subscribe to, there recently was a discussion amongst writers regarding how to get academics (and business-types; don’t feel the question is limited *only* to academics) to respond to interview requests. However, given the wording of the question and some of the responses, I think the question itself highlighted a bit of the gulf between journalists and academics, so I’m putting some of my own thoughts on why academics don’t respond first (and particularly when they are at conferences or on business travel, which was the topic of one comment), and I welcome any suggestions you have on how you prefer to be contacted–and what might improve response rates for writers. It would be great if any writers out there added their additional comments as well–imagine, a dialogue!… Continue reading Science Journalists and Journalist Scientists

One Egnorant Doctor

It’s amazing to see anti-evolutionists repeat again and again that credentials mean nothing, brushing aside the judgements of thousands upon thousands of scientists, and then do the opposite. Intelligent Design’s latest proponent is a highly-skilled neurosurgeon named Dr. Michael Egnor, and he’s been invited not only for an interview on the Discovery Institute’s low-listenership podcast, but is now repeating age-old debunked arguments against evolution on the DI’s news blog. Wildly claiming that evolution has nothing to do with medicine, Dr. Egnor has revealed to us that on this subject, he is woefully ignorant. Continue reading One Egnorant Doctor

I knew it wouldn’t last long

It slices, it dices..!Fox News. Science. Two things that just don’t go well together. A little more than a year ago, Fox News finally decided to add a science section to their website. finally, I thought, there would be a little information to combat the vacuum of information provided by Steven Milloy’s columns. The constant denials of climate science on the website were for once, seen on the same page as news clip after news clip. That didn’t last long. Continue reading I knew it wouldn’t last long

My day in San Francisco

Chris Mooney was rolling through the area on his book tour, and today he spoke at the Booksmith on Haight Street, just a block away from the famous Haight and Ashbury intersection. (The Grateful Dead once lived there.) I talked to Chris on the phone the day before, in anticipation of his visit. I couldn’t wait to finally meet the author of The Republican War on Science and see him speak in person, and so my lady-love and I drove on over from Davis. Continue reading My day in San Francisco