Answering questions on evolution

At the beginning of my second year writing for The California Aggie, my new editor buttered me up with a danish and pitched to me this idea – that my column would be like a Dear Abby, but for science. “Dear Inoculated Mind.” On the other hand, I wanted to write Op-ed pieces about science, but I gave it a try agreeing that I would mix it up. I’ll write more extensively about my experience some other time, but to put it short, my voice was stifled and the format was silly. No one asked any questions until I abandoned the format, so I was making up silly questions and pressing my family for ideas. Some folks at the Aggie helped me out, too. But Op-Eds are what I do best.

However, Continue reading Answering questions on evolution


Stupid is as stupid does

My name's Forrest, Forrest MimsThe blogosphere (and the regular media) just hit a big firestorm, with people typing away like madness. Over what? The claims made by a creationist about an award-winning ecologist named Dr. Pianka, aka “Dr. Doom.” Forrest Mims, whom you see to the right sporting a hat embroidered with a higher lifeform, claimed that Dr. Pianka advocated the elimination of 90% percent of the world’s human population with airborne ebola. Did Dr. Doom do it? Continue reading Stupid is as stupid does

Helix of another coil

A couple weeks ago I blogged about the Double Helix Nebula, making an educated guess about whether or not it coils the same way as DNA, (like a bolt or screw) or the retrograde Z-DNA. I also predicted that the Intelligent Design crowd was going to latch onto this nebula as some sort of example of design akin to what they believe happened in the origin of life. Was I right? Well, the UCLA scientist who discovered the nebula stepped in on both counts… Continue reading Helix of another coil

Reason for Skepticism

(From The California Aggie.)

Possessing genuine precognizant abilities is a feat that no human has been able to demonstrate, although many have claimed it. Journalism is about reporting facts and allowing readers to draw their own conclusions. The California Aggie reported that mentalist Adrian Saint correctly predicted the Super Bowl, but The Aggie and its readers have many reasons to be skeptical about it. Continue reading Reason for Skepticism