Getting my wish

After an abnormally warm fall it seems that Winter has finally arrived in Madison. Less than a week has passed since our first snowfall and we’ve had a second one. Furthermore, starting tonight we’re about to get one heck of a storm that could drop as much as 11 inches on Wisconsin!

I wonder, why does the Copenhagen climate conference always happen in the Winter? Maybe the response to the bogus ClimateGate should have been to move it to the summertime? Maybe it will be easier to talk about global warming if people aren’t freezing.

I wonder what crazy things people might misconstrue my emails to mean?

Update 9:30 pm: The University will be closed for Wednesday. I received an email at 9:20 pm (a little late?) telling me what I already guessed. All non-essential personnel are to stay home, classes are canceled, etc etc, but there was something ominous at the very end of it that caught my attention:

Happy snow day! I think I will spend it designing primers and writing my term paper.


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