Controls are Sweet!

In science you always.


Always use controls.

That is the very basis of science, for without a control running next to your experiment, you have no isolated variables, no conclusions that can be drawn from it, and no theories that it can support.

So when I was reading the Ethicurean, as I regularly do, I was simply flabbergasted at this post: Mercury in HFCS. Apparently, a research paper came out proclaiming that high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)-containing products had detectable levels of mercury. The explanation given was that HFCS is made using alkali soda, from plants that use mercury in the process of synthesizing it. (Except this has been for the most part phased out)

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Monday Madness: Household Hacker Hoax

The internet is a wonderful thing – it puts information at everyone’s fingertips. What it also does is enable complete idiots to put out information and make a whole lot of people think that it is true. Have you seen the video about how to charge an iPod with just Gatorade and an onion? Well, sit down my friends, watch a couple quick videos, and get ready for some Monday Madness.

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